Kim Von Berg

Do you find yourself asking "Where did the passion go?"

Learn how to bring it back and take it to the next level with Kim Von Berg’s FREE Gift!

Kim Von Berg

What Kim Does


Join me as we work together to create Thriving Loving Relationships with the Calling In “The One” programs for singles and the 3 Steps to Create an Extraordinary Relationship Programs for couples. Fulfilling Love & Joy are possible! Let me show you how to make your dreams a reality.

Are you seeking that deep inner connection with your mate? Always saying “We love each other but…”? 

Tired of searching for “the one” but keep experiencing the same disappointments over and over again? 

Need a transformational breakthrough in your love life and in all areas of your life?


Crack the code that hundreds of couples have learned – to transform your relationship to be able to experience joy, deeper connection and greater passion!
Kim Von Berg
Kim Von Berg


Remove your hidden obstacles to become magnetic to love. Learn skills for dating and love to draw in the love of your life & build a long lasting partnership!


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