Kim Von Berg

Unlocking the Power of Your Aware Self: A Path to Extraordinary Relationships:

Unlocking the potential of our empowered adult Aware Self can be transformative to our relationships. In this exploration, we delve into the essence of our Aware Self and its profound impact on fostering fulfilling connections with others, particularly our primary relationships. At the core of this journey lies the awareness of when we are operating […]

If You & Your Spouse are Considering Divorce, Maybe It’s Time to Recouple Consciously

You’ve tried everything to fix your marriage. You’ve gone to marriage counselors, taken relationship workshops, gone on expensive vacations together and done individual therapy ad nauseum. And the disconnect is still there. The same old arguments still break out. The withholding still occurs. And the nagging feeling that this is just not working still eats […]

Romantic AI Bots: Canary in the Coal Mine?

Can you relate to this scenario in any way? Your alarm goes off – and you glance over to see your spouse lying next to you – and the first thought you think is, “Who the heck is that?!” But then, your memories come flooding back & you remind yourself to feel grateful he/she is in your life. You get out of bed – and another thought flashes through your mind, “I hope he doesn’t wake up, so I can have my morning to myself.” And, the week goes on like this – with the two of you being ships passing in the night.

Recognizing Your Own & Your Partner’s Wounded Child State

I have been exploring how it becomes possible for a couple to create an extraordinary relationship – and what is necessary for each in the relationship to be able to be fully present and love to their greatest capacity. I spoke about the three primary ego states (the critic, the wounded child and the Aware […]

What Makes for an Extraordinary Romantic Relationship?

The beginnings of a romance and relationship can be so beautiful! We’re carried away with love & attraction! The honeymoon stage is truly a gift to humankind. If we didn’t have it, we would never have coupledom, let alone join to create a family! The creative works of poets, philosophers, musicians and artists have been inspired by this ecstatic stage for thousands of years.

Set the Stage to Find Your Ideal Mate!

“Kim has such an amazing enthusiasm about this work. And, you can tell that she doesn’t just teach this, she lives it! It’s so inspiring to me!” – Fabien Lagrange, workshop participant

How to Have a Breakthrough in Love!

I have good news for you: all that you have been experiencing does not have to repeat itself any more! There is a completely different way to approach all of this! And this does not involve losing those ten pounds, getting a face lift or moving to the city for a larger dating pool.

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