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Conscious Recoupling Program

Are the two of you ready to transform yourselves AND the relationship as you have known it to be?

The Conscious Recoupling Program, led by relationship counselor & Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Kim Von Berg, can help you do just that! It is based upon the Conscious Recoupling eBook, coauthored by New York Times Bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas and Kim Von Berg. The program is truly revolutionary – and will guide the two of you to discover powerful ways to uncouple from your unhealthy dynamics and recreate your relationship to one that is truly extraordinary!

Have you and your partner almost broken up recently – but are still trying to keep the relationship going?

Then, you may want to consider Conscious Recoupling

Conscious Recoupling is a transformational system which begins by guiding each of you to graduate from the old self who created the unworkable relationship as it has been - and step into who you need to be to co-create a new loving, respectful and healthy relationship. The program is about waking up to how much power you’re holding to transform your relationship for the better, as well as growing up in order to have the capacity to do so. This revolutionary system incorporates the practices and steps of the New York Times Bestseller, Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After to help you learn how to uncouple from the old dynamics that have historically defined your relationship and brought you to the brink of a breakup.

In addition, Conscious Recoupling presents the 7 Principles of Radical Relationship Repair and Recovery to empower you to recouple in wholesome, healthy and nourishing ways. The growth initiated by each of these principles is the growth you’ll need to evolve your connection to its new level of love, safety and wellness. From here, you will be ready to come together to recreate a joyful partnership of the highest mutual vision of love, connection and joy.

Conscious Recoupling Couple’s Program

The following overview describes the most common agenda for the Conscious Recoupling Program, although we can jointly decide to modify this according to yours and your relationship’s specific needs

For example, this agenda assumes that neither of you have gone through the 5 Steps of Conscious Uncoupling.

Initial Session to Set the Stage for Transformation

This is a Joint Couple Session in which we lay out where the relationship has been – and then, create a new vision for what the couple would like to create together in their new relationship. We will go over the contract of Shared Agreements regarding each person’s commitments to work through the Conscious Recoupling Program individually and as a couple – and each will sign this contract.


  • Total of 6 Individual Sessions

    Each person will be working through the first 3 Steps of Conscious Uncoupling - and will meet with Kim Von Berg individually at least 3 times to deepen the transformative discoveries of each step.

  • Total of 3 Joint Sessions

    Joint sessions in this mid phase of the program (at least 3 sessions) will center on Principles of Radical Relationship Repair and Renewal 2 and 3 and the beginning of Principle 4 - relating the Principles to what is actually happening in the relationship and how it can be transformed. In addition, Kim will help the couple to glean the fruits from each of their discoveries and growth from each of the Conscious Uncoupling Steps.


The last part of this revolutionary program will be focused on joint sessions, although each person in the relationship may need to do some preparation, particularly for Steps 4 and 5 of Conscious Uncoupling. The joint sessions will focus on Principles 4 through 7 – as well as glean the fruits of Steps 4 and 5.

Total of 4 Joint Sessions


Complete transformation and being fully equipped to ENJOY the most fulfilling long lasting happy healthy partnership you could ever imagine.

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