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Episode 19

Long Lasting Thriving Relationships Are Possible!

An interview with, Susan Bratton, Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions

How fortunate we are to have Susan Bratton share her spicy advice with all of us! Susan has earned the title, “Trusted Hot Sex Adviser to Millions” countless times over from millions of viewers from TV, YouTube, many top podcast shows, tele-summits, and readers of her 34 books! In this interview, she shares with us valuable gems of how you & your sweetheart can increase the sexual desire and intimacy between you – and enjoy the crème de la crème of sex. She explains the difference between libido, desire and arousal and how you can help all three through diet, behavior and a shift of mind. And, she gives us practical points on how to improve sex with your partner. There is so much important information regarding how to have the greatest sex & intimacy in your relationship that you are going to want to take notes!

About Our Special Guest

Susan Bratton is an advocate and champion of all who desire passionate intimacy. She is a best-selling author of 34 books and online programs that teach passionate lovemaking, bedroom communication skills and restorative sexual wellness techniques. Susan is a frequent daytime television guest, speaker from the stage and expert on myriad online summits and podcasts. In addition to being a sexpert helping millions of people through her Better Lover YouTube channel, The Susan Bratton Show, and her Instagram platform, she is the CEO of a digital publishing company called Personal Life Media and creator of a next-generation line of libido products for people across the gender spectrum called, The20.