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Episode 9

“How you can use the subconscious to deepen your love relationships!” 
with renowned hypnotherapist, Dr. Elaine Kissel Ph.D

Dr. Elaine Kissel, a renowned master hypnotherapist, explores with Kim Von Berg how to heal what is “under the surface” – particularly what might be adversely affecting one’s love relationships & his/her capacity to love. A proclaimed “psychic gardener,” Dr. Kissel has developed a methodology called Whole Mind Hypnotherapy in which her clients learn mind mastery as well as heal deep seated emotional wounds from which traditional forms of psychotherapy often are not able to make much of a difference. You will learn so much in this interview – and get a grasp how much capacity we all have to heal, love and develop rich & rewarding relationships.

About Our Special Guest

Elaine was born in London, England, and received the major portion of her academic education there. She studied psychology, para-psychology, the mind brain sciences and hypnosis for many years before she was trained as a hypnotherapist The powerful impact of her pioneering and innovative approach exceeded conventional methodology and was soon universally recognized and held in high esteem. Elaine endeavored to enhance the reputation and application of hypnosis within and outside the profession, developing her Whole Mind Hypnotherapy processes to broaden the scope of how hypnosis could be used to achieve remarkable unparalleled results 1978, the American Association of Professional Hypnologists presented her with the coveted Hypnologist of the Year Award for her innovations and contributions to the art and science of hypnosis. Her scientific study showing that blood sugar could be controlled with hypnosis contributed significantly to the emerging body of knowledge about the potential of hypnosis to treat mainstream health problems. Her continuing search for more effective ways to facilitate people achieving their goals was advanced by her extraordinary intuitive abilities and commitment to excellence. After more than 44 years of private practice,. She also continues to create cutting edge programs for individuals and businesses who wish to grow and excel in their personal and professional lives. Elaine’s mission has always been to help people the most natural, safe, and cost effective way. The success of her clients is her primary concern and she makes a serious genuine commitment to that goal.