Kim Von Berg

Episode 21

Introducing a new & improved format for The Ultimate Love Show! Podcast host and Relationship Expert, Kim Von Berg, has decided to come out behind the veil on video – and share with you the gems she has gained from her twenty-five years of working with singles and couples. She is taking questions from YOU about love, dating and relationships – and will select one or more questions to take a deeper dive into each month on The Ultimate Love Show.​

This episode is all about the Essential Communication Skills for dating and relationships, and Kim Von Berg shares the gems from her years of being a communication specialist. She is addressing the question: WHAT ARE THE COMMUNICATION SKILLS NEEDED TO DRAW IN A WONDERFUL MATE AND CREATE A LOVING PARTNERSHIP THAT FLOURISHES OVER THE LONG HAUL? You are in for a total treat and get to learn what Kim has only shared up until now in her trainings or private sessions!!! And FYI: Kim put forth a special offer to any one who listens until the end of the recording.

To submit YOUR question for future episodes, just go to and click on the button at the top that says “Ask a Question for The Show” and fill out the form.

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