Transform Emotional Triggers

3 Keys to Transform Your Most Challenging Moments in Your Relationship

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Join Kim Von Berg as she talks about the techniques that can be used to transform emotional triggers. Kim is an expert in communication, emotional wellness, and resilience. She believes that emotional triggers are a natural response to certain situations and that they can be transformed with the right approach. In her discussion, she will explore practical steps that individuals can take to understand and work through their emotional triggers. With her extensive experience in the field, Kim is the ideal person to guide anyone looking to improve their emotional well-being and eliminate triggers that cause stress and anxiety. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the world of emotional wellness.

Have you ever been in an important conversation and all of a sudden you find yourself...

  • Reacting without thought
  • Frustrated or angry
  • Silent and not listening
  • At a loss of what to say and do


This means you have been TRIGGERED. And, if you are like most people, it does not feel good and you wish it would never happen again.

And yet…most of us know it does. What if you could change that for good?

NOW is your chance!

Learning these keys are sure to change your life and relationships forever! Are you ready to learn these secrets and BE much happier in your relationships?

Kim is looking forward to sharing the magic and power of the 3 Keys with you that will allow YOU to find the power in your triggers to transform your interactions into positive, empowered ones – and create deeper connection and joy!

In this value packed Free 60-minute workshop, you will:

"Throughout 3 Steps to Create an Extraordinary Relationship and all of my work, I draw upon my training in a wide variety of techniques to gently direct my clients to a joyous life and to fulfilling harmonious relationships - with their own selves and with others."

Kim Von Berg

Relationship Expert & Love Coach