Kim Von Berg

Set the Stage to Find Your Ideal Mate!

“Kim has such an amazing enthusiasm about this work. And, you can tell that she doesn’t just teach this, she lives it! It’s so inspiring to me!” – Fabien Lagrange, workshop participant

How Do I Step into My Whole Aware Self to Create an Extraordinary Relationship?

In previous blogs and workshops, I explore the phenomenon that, in order for us to be able to create a conscious loving dynamic relationship, we must be able to LIVE from our aware self, that is our true empowered wise & worthy adult whole self.. and step out of those parts of us who are wounded or critical & judgmental. When two people who love one another begin to relate mostly from their aware selves, the partnership becomes an amazing opportunity to grow and increase our capacity to love and be loved.

How Newly Committed Couples Can Set the Stage for Thriving Lasting Love!

A romantic kiss of the bride and groom against the sunset. Lasting Love.

The beginnings of a romance and relationship can be so beautiful! We’re carried away with love & attraction! The honeymoon stage is truly a gift to humankind. If we didn’t have it, we would never have coupledom, let alone join to create a family! The creative works of poets, philosophers, musicians and artists have been […]

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