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Romantic AI Bots: Canary in the Coal Mine?

Can you relate to this scenario in any way? Your alarm goes off – and you glance over to see your spouse lying next to you – and the first thought you think is, “Who the heck is that?!” But then, your memories come flooding back & you remind yourself to feel grateful he/she is in your life. You get out of bed – and another thought flashes through your mind, “I hope he doesn’t wake up, so I can have my morning to myself.” And, the week goes on like this – with the two of you being ships passing in the night.

What Makes for an Extraordinary Romantic Relationship?

The beginnings of a romance and relationship can be so beautiful! We’re carried away with love & attraction! The honeymoon stage is truly a gift to humankind. If we didn’t have it, we would never have coupledom, let alone join to create a family! The creative works of poets, philosophers, musicians and artists have been inspired by this ecstatic stage for thousands of years.

Creating a Vision & Intention for Love and Partnership

Happy New Year, every one!

So much is out there right now about how to set goals and bring about your dreams for the new year. I have been pondering how this pertains to the realm of romance and intimate healthy partnership. No matter if you are in a relationship or yearning for one, there is no better time than the beginning of the year to allow your imagination to completely expand into all that you truly want in a loving passionate partnership – and in a beloved you would love to partner with if you are single.

Seven Keys to Deepen the Intimacy

We start out madly in love and our beloved can do no wrong. The hormones and our basic human instincts just kick in and cement us to our sweetheart. We dive in deeper & deeper to this romance – and decide to get married or commit to a long term partnership. Maybe you have kids to boot. And soon after, “life sets in” and the romance begins to fade.