Kim Von Berg

Episode 3

“How Childhood Attachment Trauma Shows up in Adult Relationships,” 

with Emotional Healing Practitioner, Danielle Shillcock

Emotional Healing Practioner, Danielle Shillcock, shares with us how childhood attachment trauma continues to affect us in our adult lives – especially in our relationships. If we don’t heal, we often get triggered from whomever is in front of us, believing they are “making” us feel hurt, sad, angry, rejected, and so on – limiting our ability to be happy and empowered. Danielle also shares information about the main attachment styles that are a result of our childhood experiences – and how we can evolve to a secure attachment style. She & Kim have a lively discussion about the power of doing our healing work to be able to love in the healthiest way possible. An interview not to be missed!

About Our Special Guest

Danielle has been on a healing journey for over 25 years… though it began only as a means to fix a newly identified “brokenness” and to become functional again. This took her on a journey through many modalities–from new age, to traditional psychotherapy, to body-based therapies, to spiritually-focused programs.

This also became a training ground and an opportunity to apply what she was learning through peer-counseling, supporting family and friends, and working with clients in her communication classes. She learned that healing protocols are only as effective as the practitioner’s own healing has prepared them to be present for, and supportive of, a client’s deepest wounds. Danielle feels extremely grateful that as each form of therapy ended its learning and healing possibilities, the next opportunity would be presented to organically take her to the next level of her healing.

The meandering journey began to make sense as she later learned about developmental trauma and how that perspective informed a much more holistic and deeper understanding of her own very slow healing process. Danielle’s passion is to guide and walk alongside those who wish to delve into the deeper issues underlying their difficult and challenging relationships. Danielle is a trained practitioner of the NARM approach… the “NeuroAffective Relational Model” for restoring connection. It is a practice developed by Laurence Heller and Aline LaPierre as described in their book “Healing Developmental Trauma: How Early Trauma Affects Self-Regulation, Self-Image, and the Capacity for Relationship.” She teaches her clients to turn the focus from what can I DO to get better… to BEING WITH themselves in a new way, so that reconnecting to their true selves becomes an inside-out reality and a new way of being.

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