Kim Von Berg

Episode 17

Five Questions to Change Your Love Life! 

Five Questions to Change Your Love Life!

Discover Dr. Keith Witt’s powerful Five-Star System to create the best of love possible in your life! Keith unpacks the five key questions in this brilliant interview – what he calls his “Five-Star System” – to be able to choose the right mate AND create a healthy growing relationship that thrives.

Get your note pad out, since Keith generously shares provocative information and numerous ways that you can attract & develop a relationship that flourishes over the long haul. That means, a relationship that not only maintains the friendship, love affair and heals long standing emotional wounds, but it opens to the sacred & the greatest of possibility for each in the relationship. In addition, Keith explores how integral psychology can greatly expand what is possible in a partnership. Don’t wait to listen to this interview to learn how you can reach a whole new level of capacity in the realm of love!

About Our Special Guest

Dr. Keith Witt is a Licensed Psychologist, teacher and author who has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, CA. since 1973. Dr. Witt is the founder of The Art and Science of Relationships – and you can find out more about that at (Scroll down on the home page to access his free Art & Science of Relationships Series.) He also offers on his site the School of Love Lecture Series, books, blogs and his Therapist in the Wild web series. In addition, Keith makes available for free many Integral Conversations audios and videos on related topics such as health, love, relationship, sexuality, spirituality, development and psychotherapy. Keith’s work has explored Integrally Informed Psychotherapy, intimacy, human development, spirituality, and sexuality – yielding eight books (Integral Mindfulness, Waking Up, Sessions, The Attuned Family, The Gift of Shame, Loving Completely, Shadow Light, and The Shadow Light Workbook) – as well as three TEDx talks, and lectures and classes, which he has taught across the U.S. and internationally.

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